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Може да намерите поста на български тук

The cosmetic review, which I prepared for you  today is about the eye care as the eye area first reacts to the negative impact of time, stress, and environment and begins to lose elasticity. Therefore it is very important to keep the skin resilient and moisturized there. It is better to start after age 20 with – mild and  moisturizing creams and after 25-30 years –  to include nourishing and preventing wrinkles products. Of course, skin care is very individual and must above all to comply with your own skin needs and its current condition.

Lately I am trying to replace all my cosmetics with natural products and I started with the white one. I have written about  Alverde products before, because so far they have not disappointed me in quality. Prices are very affordable and allow experiments. The post today refers to the product Zell-Aktiv Augenpflege Blauer Hibiskus, namely eye cream with blue hibiscus.


According to the description on the website of the brand, cream stimulates cell metabolism and maintains the vitality of skin cells. Valuable active ingredients slow down the formation and intensity of wrinkles and give the skin a youthful appearance. Recommended for ages 30-45 years.

My experience with the product after using the second package is that it is very suitable for first wrinkles. After applying it I feel my skin refreshed, moisturized and nourished. This to me is particularly important in winter, when very often I feel that my skin is drained because of weather conditions (usually during the summer I am using gels with lighter texture).

The packaging is very convenient and hygienic, with a pump that with one push brings the exact amount required for both eyes. The cream is very economical and texture is – thicker than a gel, but not heavy. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and is a good base for the daily makeup routine.


Like all products of the brand cream is with natural ingredients and vegan: Wasser, Glycerin, Emulgator, Olivenöl *, Sheabutter *, Kokosöl-Derivat, Sesamöl *, Alkohol *, Avocadoöl *, Jojobaöl *, Hautpflegemittel, rückfettender Emulgator, Straucheibisch-Extrakt, Sonnenblumenöl *, Lavendelöl *, Zistrosen-Extrakt, Indigopflanzen-Extrakt, Levulinsäure (natürlicher Duftstoff), Emulsionsstabilisator, Vitamin E, Aminosäure, Stabilisator, Duftstoff, Anissäure, Phytinsäure, Zitronensäure, Natriumhydroxid, Mischung ätherischer Öle ** * ingredients from certified organic agriculture ** from natural essential oils

After a quick check in  proving, that most ingredients are completely safe and recommended, this sounds to me as one more reason to buy it again.

I planned purchasing of the other products of the series and I promise to join with more current information about how they affect my skin in the long run.

Price / availability: 7 lev for 15 ml.

Wonderful and successful day from me and do not forget to shine in gloomy weather outside;)!



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