New Year’s Resolution 2016

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Може да намерите поста на български тук

A few weeks remain until the end of the year and for me, these are days filled with feverish anticipation and eagerness to face another year full of challenges and surprises (hopefully most of them nice).

This year I decided instead of a wishlist with presents to prepare a list of things that I set as my future goals in 2016. However, I think I’ve reached a point where everything we accomplish is more important than what we have :). If a loved one, however, read it, I hope he would know that I would never refused a new GUESS bag ♥

So …:

  • To pay more attention to my health

I am one of those people who are experiencing something like horror of doctors and dentists, and beyond the mandatory screening, I do not want to get near them. Well, my neglect led to a health problem that should be finally settled in the coming year. What I took as a lesson is that we must be responsible not only to others, but first to ourselves.

  • To spend quality time with family

Our favorite people are the most important ones! There is nothing better than to go home, get rid of all the problems and emotions of the world outside and to bear on your own pink cloud. I love the evenings, when together with my family we watch a funny movie or jigsaw puzzles with my daughter. I will try to spend as much time as possible with those who love me, because for me it is very important that everyone knows that is valuable and important.

  • To improve my blog

My idea for my own place came a long time ago, but did not find the right time and inspiration, until one day I woke up with the thought that I have to act and the time is now! For next year, I am planning very interesting things – collaborations, new categories, and why not adding a new language … When a person feels well and in harmony with oneself, one becomes more productive. I sincerely hope that I will increase my followers will be able to offer something that each of you, who read me, will find your inspiration into.

  • To learn something new

„One learns while alive“ – this is the meaning of our existence. We should always find the motivation to develop ourrselves and keep our senses open to everything new that surrounds us. Personally for myself I decided to write a course with which to improve my project management skills, or to start learning a new language.

  • To visit at least one new place in Bulgaria or abroad

Our country is so beautiful that I want to visit every place that I look at in  the beautiful pictures that my friends post. I don’t have a definite direction, I just know that each experience will be shared with you. And as for abroad … I wish… Amsterdam, I do not know why, but I’ve decided it, but anywhere else it would be wonderful and would satisfy my desire to travel and explore new worlds :).

  • To do some charity

For the third year in a row I was part of a charity initiative, that one of my best friends started in Germany and brought with enthusiasm to Bulgaria. „My heart is empathic. What about yours“ is a charity run, thanks to that I discovered how wonderful it is to contribute to something good happen. I am preparing a separate post about the whole initiative, so stay tuned :)! Next year I will again be part of the organizing team and I hope that it will again turn into a small fest, thanks to which everyone can help a good cause. Humanity today is invaluable and we have to keep it!

And what are your thoughts about future plans and goals in 2016?


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