Enrique Iglesias SEX and LOVE – The Concert

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 Може да намерите този пост на български тук

To attend a concert of Enrique Iglesias … well, I would not exactly call it my dream, but I have been considering it, and maybe he is one of the few artists that I like from a teenager. In fact, I could get away with his first date for Bulgaria SEXandLOVE tour, if a friend of mine had not taken more tickets and I was not offered one 🙂

Impatience was great, and for me it was the first big concert attended, as I am not really a fan of such mass events and mixing with the crowds to listen live someone.

The evening started and ended great for me , but in the meantime we waited Enrique for about two hours 🙂

In my opinion , everyone was very disappointed in the beginning , but he came out, apologized in Bulgarian and then explained that he was in the hospital to get some stiches … What happened actually only he knows… The fact is that the first three songs it seemed to me that he wasn’t quite himself and he is about every moment to faint ! However, the aim is not to judge the person Enrique and how he spends his time.

The sequel, however, compensate all the waiting and originally dissatisfaction. Whether I liked it … YES !!! For me he did it great on stage, despite the negative comments in the net that he  sang out of tune ( who was actually hearing only his singing :)). The mood was ecellent, he sang all my favorite songs and in my opinion succeded in coming in contact with the audience. His smile was charming and even if you know it’s his job and he makes it in each country, the feeling of being  part of his performance is incredible. I sang my lungs and enjoyed to the max.

Whether I would go again – YES !!! – Next time, however, with standing places to stage, I just only have to overcome the uncomfortable feeling and  even the idea to dash with many people 🙂

I hope that next time show will not be delayed so much and he will make it more memorable!



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